What It Used To Be In Cranston, RI

Did you ever wonder what the restaurant, grocery store, department store or bank that you shop or patronize while in Cranston, RI used to be?  Maybe not, but if you have, here are some of them listed by street name and street number (the list will be continually expanded and updated). To search for a particular business or street, hit the "Ctrl" key (lower left area of your keyboard) AND the letter "F" key at the same time.  Credit for much of the information goes to the Cranston Public Library and the archives of The Providence Journal and Cranston Herald.   To view a similar page on nearby Warwick, RI, click on the following link:  What It Used To Be In Warwick, RI.  To view photos taken about 30-35 years ago of gas stations and other business establishments throughout Rhode Island, click on: Gas stations and more from the mid 80's to early 90's.  

Cover Photo: Signs of businesses that have operated in Cranston.

Note: The names of the current business establishments listed below may have changed for any given address since the post was written, although I try to update them as often as possible.

A Street
42 - A personal residence is now at the location that used to be Augie's Lunch and Catering from 1958 to the mid-to-late 80's.

Atwood Avenue
110 - Nicole's Salon and EyeSiteRI used to be a 7-Eleven convenience store from 1970 until shortly before becoming a Major Video store in November 1985. It would later switch to Blockbuster Video during the 90's.  Photo Credit: What's Going On In Cranston
120 - Citizens Bank (since 1994) used to be an Old Stone Bank from 1974 to 1994.
148 - Ocean State Job Lot (since May 2019) used to be a Benny's Home & Auto Store from 2003 to 2017. This had previously been the location of Connetti's Trailer (later RV) Sales from the early 70's to early 00's. Atwood Nursery and Garden Center was here even before that in the 50's and 60's.
160 - Efendi's Mediterranean Grill & Bar (since 2015) used to be a Riccotti's Sandwich Shop from about 1977 to 2010 (as Original Riccotti's).  It then became Jeat? Restaurant in 2011.  Before Riccotti's, it was April Cleansers from about 1966 to 1975.
196 - This used to be Industrial National Bank (name changed to Fleet National Bank in 1982) from 1963 to about the early 00's.
200 - Stop & Shop has been at this location since early 1959, although the original building was torn down and then rebuilt.  It had previously been Ruggeri's Atwood Super Market from at least 1955 to late 1958.
205 - CVS Pharmacy (since about the mid 90's) used to be the location of Bucky's Auto Sales from 1960 (as a Studebaker-Lark dealer) and operating all the way into the early 90's.
207 - This used to be Bucky's Texaco Service from 1947 to about 1974, when it became part of Bucky's Auto Sales.
225 - Santander Bank used to be a Rhode Island Hospital Trust Bank "Superbranch" (opened in November 1988).
235 - This has been a Dunkin Donuts since 1986.
250 - Dollar Tree used to be an A & P Food Store from January 1962 into the early 70's.  It became Douglas Drug in August 1972 and later converted to a Brooks Maxi-Drug Pharmacy in 1995 and Rite Aid in the mid-to-late 00's until about 2018.
250 (left side) - Advance Auto Parts used to be a Hollywood Video store from 1999 to about 2009.
270 - Ocean Pride Seafood used to be Martucci's Restaurant from 1982 to early 1989 (it was Geppetto's Restaurant for a few months in 1988), Mario's Restaurant (from 1989 until late 1993) and Captain's Catch Seafood starting in February 1995 and operating into the 00's. Before Martucci's, it was The Cottage Restaurant (opened about 1949), West Hill Restaurant (earlier West Hill Grill) from at least 1954 to 1974 and Rossi's Family Restaurant from 1974 through the rest of the decade to early 1982.  Photo: Great shot of Atwood Ave. in 1976 with Rossi's Family Restaurant (later Martucci's) seen on the left. Credit: Things That Aren't There Anymore: Rhode Island Edition
275 - The first Dairy Queen Grill & Chill Restaurant in Rhode Island opened here in April 2018. 
288 - Thirsty Beaver Pub (since 2013) used to be Sandi's Restaurant in 1963 before becoming Leoni's Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge from 1964 to about 1967. After being the home of various non-restaurant businesses from the late 60's through the early 70's, it became Anthony's Restaurant & Lounge in October 1974. After that it was DiGiorgio's Family Restaurant & Lounge (opened in 1975), Pumpernickel Pub (opened in 1976), Chips (opened in 1978), Kowloon Restaurant (opened in 1979), Shang Hai Restaurant (opened in 1981), Chopsticks Thai House Restaurant (opened in 1987), Apsara Asian Restaurant (opened in 1988), R-Place (opened in 1989), Jackie's Ristorante (1990 to 1996), Baccan's Ristorante (1997 to 1998), Bean Sprouts Asian Gourmet (1999 to 2002), Maxwell's Cafe, Emilia's Cuisine, Panchos Margaritas and Margarita's Lounge.  
300 - Honey Dew Donuts (since June 1997) used to be a Mister Donut from 1965 until about the mid 90's. It then became Santurri's Donuts.
350 - This has been Harriet's Kitchen restaurant since about 1985. The restaurant was rebuilt in 1988.
355- Torn down by early 2018 to build O'Reilly Auto Parts, the former El Tapatio Restaurant was built as a Sambo's Restaurant in 1978 (opened late in the year after several meetings due to concerns about the restaurant's name) until closing in 1981.  Other restaurants it has been include: Casey's (opened in 1982), Stella (opened in November 1985 until 1988), Challenges Sports Pub (opened in June 1988 to 1994), Stuffles Bar and Grill (opened in February 1995 until about 1999, $3 Sports Bar and Eat With The Fishes (opened in 2002).
372 - Now torn down, this used to be Dairy Maid from at least the 50's until the early 70's , then Igloo in the early-to-mid 70's and Dairy Dip by the mid 70's.  Alpine Auto Wash of Cranston was here in the 80's into the 90's.
395 - Cardiovascular Institute of New England used to be the location of Charlsey's Sandwich & Ice Cream Parlor in the late 70's (opened in January 1977).  It then became Vic Calise's Family Restaurant by the early 80's and Carol's Bakery and Nutrition Center from the mid 80's into the early 00's. Before the ice cream parlor was built, a Robo Wash car wash was here from November 1968 to the mid 70's.
400 - China Dynasty Restaurant (since 1980) used to be a Lums Restaurant from 1970 until at least 1979 and may have just made it to 1980.  Urban Nursery and later Hort House Nursery & Garden Center were at this location prior to Lums.
435 - Shore's Food Market (since 2013) used to be Ruggieri's Market from 1959 (moved from 200 Atwood Ave.) until 2013.
480 - Family Dollar (since 2019) used to be Rhode Island Medical and Emergency Services starting in May 1978 and operating into the 1990's. It then became Below Cost (previously at 505 Atwood) until about 2018.
500 - Nino's Pizza has operated at this location since moving from 441 Atwood Ave. in about 1971.
641 - Geo's Restaurant (since 2021) used to be Atwood Grille restaurant from 1952 to the early 70's (was later Atwood Restaurant & Lounge). Later business here included: Audrey's, Brothers Three (opened in 1972), Saint's Ltd and Ellby's Lounge in the 70's, Buck's Lounge (opened in 1981), Alexzanders Lounge (opened in 1986), GTC Block Island Chowder (late 80's going into 1990), Primo's Diamond Cafe (February 1990 to about 1994), Scotty's Cafe, LT's Pub, Five, Suite, Grumpy's, McKenna's Pub and Bricks Restaurant & Bar.
796 - Puppy Palace used to be Andy's Pizza & Restaurant from about 1972 to 1983. It then became Casano's Pizza & Restaurant from 1983 into the 90's and Roma's Pizza & Restaurant into the 00's.
871 - The Chop Shop barber shop (since the early-to-mid 2010's after the interior of the building was rebuilt) used to be Thornton Diner in the 1940's and early 50's and then Sam's Diner in the mid 50's until the mid 60's. By 1967, it was Patsy's Diner until returning to Sam's Diner by 1977.  It then became Ruthie's Kitchen for the first half of the 80's and then Mama's Kitchen before changing to Ron and Jean's Place by the end of the decade and continuing through the 90's and into the 00's.  In the 00's, it was "R" Lil' Diner (see photo) and then became Dad's Diner in 2009.
898 - This used to be Russo's Cocktail Lounge & Restaurant (earlier Russo's Neighborhood Cafe) from the late 50's into the 90's. It had earlier been Iafrate's Cafe going back to the 30's.  After Russo's, it was Bangkok Thai Restaurant.

Bald Hill Road
155 - Just over the Cranston line and torn down in 2014 to build CarMax, the former Building 19 store (opened in February 2003) used to be a Zayre Department Store going back to August 1968 until converting to Ames Department Store in 1988 until 2002.
155 (2) - The store adjacent to the above used to be a Stop & Shop Supermarket from October 1968 to the late 80's, when it became Child World until 1992.  It then became The Book Market.  From 1994 to 2010, it was a Syms Clothing store.

Beacon Circle

1 - This used to be Gene's Ice Cream Barn and later Helgerson's Kiddie Land (children's furniture, toys and novelties) in the 40's. In the 50's, it became Food Fair Market until about 1963 and was then torn down by the 70's.

Broad Street
1491 - Located just over the Cranston line into Providence, McDonald's opened here in October 1984.
1525 - God's Family Church used to be Palace Theater from 1916 to about 1963. By 1965, it had become Saint Stephens Chapel.
1530 - This used to be China Moon Restaurant from about the mid 50's to mid 80's. By 1990, it was Yuen's Express Chinese take-out restaurant.
1542 - Now the location of Dollar General, this used to be Do-It Yourself Laundromat from about the late 50's into the 90's. It later became E-Z Laundry until 2013.
1548 - Dollar General opened in 2015 at the location that after being Pewsey's in the 1930's, became an A & P grocery store from 1938 to about 1968, when it became Grab-It Food Market in late 1968. In 1970, it became IGA Shop-Rite Market and in 1973 changed to Columbia Market. By 1975, it was Rhode Island Exotics Aquarium going through the rest of the 70's and the 80's and Baseball Card Factory was here through the 90's.
1568 - The former Mega Wheels Auto Sales (late 80's to 2018) used to be a Jenney service station (starting as Wilson's Jenney) until being converted to Citgo (Larry's Citgo) in 1968. By the late 70's, it was A & G Toyota auto repair and later became Cheap Wheels used cars in the 80's.
1647 - Edgewood Service used to be a Shell service station going as far back as 1941 (Hall's Service Station later Edgewood Shell). By 1968, it had become a Citgo station (started as Tony's Edgewood Citgo) into the 90's.  Photo: Church of the Transfiguration and Edgewood Citgo can be seen in this photo going back just about 30 years to September 1990.
1678 - J.P. Spoonem's Restaurant (since 1981) used to be Jerry's Chemist Shop pharmacy from December 1952 to about 1979.
1745 - Blooming Mad Flower & Garden (since the 90's) used to be Edgewood Service Station (Mobil) from 1964 to about the early 90's (see photo).
1763 - Walgreens was built in 1995 at the site of the former Osteopathic Hospital from 1932 to 1971. It then changed to Cranston General Hospital from 1971 to 1993 (called Community Hospital in 1993).
1764 - Torn down to make way for CVS Pharmacy in the early 2010's, this used to be Liggett Drug going back to at least the mid 1930's. It then became Adams Drugs in 1964 and was later converted to Brooks Pharmacy and Rite Aid Pharmacy. Photo: Brooks Pharmacy
1768 - Torn down to make way for CVS Pharmacy in the early 2010's. this used to be a First National Super Market that opened in 1947 and closed in 1980.  It then became NHD Hardware in March 1981 and Rocky's Ace Hardware in 1999 (seen below in 2002).
1814 - Akid Daily Mart used to be a Texaco service station from at least the 1930's until the early-to-mid 70's. It then became a Cumberland Farms convenience store by the late 70's for about 20 years and then Al-Mall Daily Mart until 2010.
2145 - Twice Told Tales used to be a Sunnybrook Farm store from about 1964 to 1982. After a few changes, it became Village Art & Antiques in 1996.
2148 - Gulf Service Station used to be Freeman's Atlantic Service Station from at least 1956 to about 1968. It then became Wright's Atlantic by 1969, P & G Atlantic (actually Arco) by 1972, G & J Service Station by 1979 and Cumberland Farms in 1982 until the 00's.  Photo: Cumberland Farms from 1990 
2175 - Pawtuxet Auto Service used to be a Sunoco service station from at least May 1948 (the opening of Tetro Sunoco) for 70 years until becoming strictly an auto repair shop by early 2019.  The station was rebuilt in 1971.
2180 - Follow Your Arrow Nutrition used to be Lindsay's Market from 1933 until closing almost 80 years later on September 29, 2012. (seen below from 1973).
2185 - This used to be an A & P supermarket from 1929 to 1939. It then became Quality Furniture in 1940, Parkway Furniture in 1947, Gerry & Slocum Television by 1950, P & D New York System restaurant by 1964, Square Pigger Restaurant by 1967 and Pawtucket Marine (previously at 2183 Broad St,) by 1968.
2187 - This used to be Smith's Ben Franklin 5 and 10 cent store in the 1930's and 40's.  It became Gertrude's Specialty Shop in the 50's and was part of Pawtuxet Marine in the early-to-mid 60's and later became Ye Yarn Shoppe in the late 60's before being torn down to build Citizens Bank in the early 70's.
2190 - Revolution American Bistro used to be Pawtuxet Paint & Hardware from 1925 to about 1985. It was later The Family Restaurant (opened in July 1987).
2191 - Citizens Bank has been operating here since opening in April 1973.  Before being torn down, this was the location of a group of businesses from 2185 to 2191 Broad St as well as Gallagher's Gateway to Bowling (operated about 1942 to 1971 under different names) behind those buildings (listed at 10 Parkway Ave). At this address, going way back to at least 1925 until 1945 was E.H. Weaver (Rexall) Drug Store. It was then Gladding's Pharmacy until 1954, when it became Bridge Pharmacy, which would operate here through the mid-60's. It then became Village Sandwich Shop and Restaurant until the early 70's.
2195 - Basta Italian Restaurant (since late 1989 and remodeled in 2013) used to be Driftwood Restaurant going back to 1949.
2197 - Village Nails & Spa and Haven Fitness used to be a First National market from at least 1930 until about 1956. It then became Farmer's Super Market until the early 60's. By 1963, it was Tilo (later Reynolds Aluminum in the 80's) Roofing & Siding.  In the mid-80's. this location became Village Mini-Mall consisting of about four small shops.
2200 - Cork & Brew & Spirits Too used to be Cameron's Pharmacy after it expanded in the early 70's. Cameron's was earlier known as Pawtuxet Pharmacy after being rebuilt in the early 1900's and was called Cameron's Pawtuxet Pharmacy by 1940.
2201 - Village Laundry & Cleaners (since about 1965) used to be Pearle Launderette & Cleansers going back to at least the 50's. Before that, it was Pawtuxet Cycle Shop.
2202 - Sweet Indulgence used to be Seven Seas Restaurant until Cameron's Pharmacy expanded into this location in the early 70's.  The restaurant went back to the 1930's and was earlier called Rice's Pawtuxet Falls Grill and then Rice's Restaurant in the 1920's and earlier in the 30's.
2206 - Heidi Hope Photography used to be the main location of Cameron's Pharmacy until expanding (see 2200 and 2202 Broad St. above) to where the main entrance of Cameron's was now located on the corner of Broad and Aborn Streets (there was also an entrance at the back of the building).
2212 - Rim Nahm Thai Cuisine (since February 2006) used to be Papa Tony's Pizza from 1975 to about 1978. It then became Village Bakery and Krieger's Restaurant by 1979.  It then became Village Cookery Restaurant through the 80's and into the 90's.
2218 - Dear Hearts Ice Cream (since 1985) had been many different businesses over the years, including Dupuis Oil, Del's Ceramic Studio, E.F. Carter Associates, John Dane Antiques and Fran and Associates wholesale jewelry.

Budlong Road
115 - Rhode Island Dental Arts is at the location that used to be an A & W Root Beer Drive-In from April 1963 to about 1978.  It later became Di Maio's Restaurant in the late 70's and beginning about 1984, it was the Copper Penny Restaurant.  By early 1989, it was Golden Seahorse Family Restaurant and Alibi's by early 1991.    Photos : A & W Root Beer in the 60's (top) and 70's (bottom).                                    

289 - CEM Dental Laboratory used to be T's Variety from 1982 to the early 00's.  It later became a hair salon under various names.  It had earlier been Budlong Variety Store (aka The Spa) in the 70's.

Cranston Street
900 - Dunkin' Donuts (since the mid 80's) used to be the location of Eagle Creamery from about the mid-to-late 70's to the mid 80's. The Hearthstone store was at this location in the 1930's, becoming Cranston Cleansers by the early 40's.  Veteran's Cleansing & Tailoring was later at this location in the 50's until the early 70's.   Below: Dunkin' Donuts in early 1990 before being rebuilt.
969 - At the location of Sunset Tint & Sign used to be Arlington Creamery & Lunchonette from at least the 1940's until the mid 80's. It had earlier been Nickerson's Ice Cream in the 1930's and early 40's.
1006 - American Auto Body & Collision used to be Birch Street Garage for over 70 years going back to at least 1930.  Photo: A row of old gas pumps were standing in front of Birch Street Garage in 1987.
1011 - Walgreens (earlier Rite Aid, which opened in 2009). was built at the former location of Won Cheng Restaurant from 1970 to about the early-to-mid 90's (moved to 146 Gansett Ave.). It had earlier been F-M Steakhouse from about the mid-50's to 1969, when it became Corvese Steak House.
1015 - ALDI Grocery used to be a Stop & Shop going back to April 1959. By the mid-to-late 70's, it was NHD Hardware until the late 90's with Fiesta Fruit Market next door until about 2005. 
1025 - Laundromax used to be Ledge Super Drug Store from 1957 (had previously been Ledge Drug at 1029 Cranston St. from 1937 to 1957) until becoming Phred's Drugs by the early 80's to about the early 00's.
1087 - Gershkoff Auto Body is at the location that used to be Original Marcello's Restaurant (established in 1934 and moved to this location in 1948) until closing after a fire took down the building in January 1982.
1173 - The former So Fresh & So Clean car wash used to be the location of Tick Tock Lounge from about 1951 to 1987 before being torn down.  It was rebuilt in the late 80's as a Grease Monkey oil change location.
1200 - Now used for parking, this used to be Puritan Chrysler-Plymouth from 1985 to 2007.
1265 - Barber Life used to be Meatball Mike's restaurant from 1937 to 1967. It then became Amee's Floral Creations in March 1968 into the 70's and was Flowers by Roland by the end of the decade.
1270 - Basil's Pizza (since November 1985) used to be Colonial Loan Co. (moved from 1277 Cranston St. and was later Colonial Deposit Co,) from 1963 until the 80's.
1286 - Capitol Stationary (since about 1996) used to be Cranston Hardware, which opened all the way back in 1926. The name was changed to DiPrete Hardware (Cranston headquarters for Pratt and Lambert Paint) by the 1940's until becoming Misto's Hardware in the 80's and going into the 90's.
1289 - The former Tabarak Market used to be Ruggieri & Sons Market from 1946 to 1973. It then became a Sunnybrook Farms convenience store and was later Josie's Convenience Store by the mid 80's.
1296 - Dee's Deli used to be Ralph's Service Station (Amoco) from 1946 to the mid 60's and going back even earlier to 1931, it was Moretti's Filling Station. It later became Security Cleansers in 1969 and then Royal Poultry from 1973 into the 90's. After that it was Meatball Mike's from about 1997 to 2001 (moved to 1280 Cranston St.).
1333 - Wandies By Pina used to be Santangini Market from the 1930's to the mid-to-late 50's. It then became Ranaldi Bros. Bakers from the late 50's to the early-to-mid 80's.  After that it was DeAngelis Bakery from the mid-to-late 80's into the 90's.
1334 - M & M Barbershop used to be Mario Sepe's Barber Shop from 1947 to 2019. It was earlier City Variety Store from at least 1933 until the 40's.
1336 - McShawn's Pub (since about the late 70's) used to be Cranstonian Café in the 1930's, Red Robin Restaurant in the 40's and Dempsey's Lounge in the 50's until the mid-to-late 70's.
1356 - BD Mart used to be Di Lorenzo Drugs from at least the 40's all the way into the 90's. Even before Di Lorenzo, it was Picerne Drug Store going back as far as 1923.
1388 - This used to be Christy's Diner from 1926 to about 1973, when it became Rina's Diner. From 1974 to about 1987, it was J & H Diner and Restaurant. After being 1388 Diner and Dot's Lunch, it became Johnny B's Diner from September 1990 to March 2007 after the city acquired the land it was located on. Photo: Johnny B's Diner from 2005. Credit: Things That Aren't There Anymore: Rhode Island Edition.
1400 - Now an automobile repair service, this used to be Johnny D's Service Station (Mobil) and even earlier back to the 1930's, it was Y D Service Station (Socony).  Below: Photos from 1987 and 1991.
1594 - This has been Solitro's Bakery going all the way back to the early-to-mid 1950's.
1669 - The former Knightsville Pub (from about 1985 to 2023) used to be Red's Tap from about the 1940's until 1979 when it became Vinnie's Tap.  It then became Vallese's Pub in the early 80's. Going way back to the 1930's, it was Knightsville Owners Real Estate Club.
1681 - Knightsville Medical (since the late 90's) became Cardi's Furniture in 1947 after several years as Cardi's general/5 cents to a dollar/hardware store and remained here all the way into the 90's, including expanding their store in 1982.
1686 - Caffe Itri (since July 1990) used to be the long-time location of Twentieth Century Insurance & Real Estate from at least the 50's until about the mid-to-late 80's.
1701 - Medical Arts Pharmacy (aka Cardi's) was here from at least 1933 until about 1980.
1710 - Antonio's Trattoria Restaurant (since 1973) used to be Easy's Café (earlier Easy Bar) from at least 1950 until 1972.   Below: The intersection of Park Ave. and Cranston St. in 1985 and 2017.  Antonio's can be seen on the right in both photos along with the sign for the Knightsville Service Center (operated as an Arco Station in 1985).
1723 - Allstate Insurance used to be Saccoccia's Pharmacy (earlier Saccoccia's Rexall Pharmacy) from about 1922 to 1995.  Photo: Saccoccia's Pharmacy from 1954: Credit-Grew Up In Rhode Island.
1744 - Joe's Place Perfume used to be a bowling alley (Star Bowling Alleys) going back to 1946. It became State Furniture by 1950 and was later Gemma Furniture and Jabbour Electronic Supplies.
1776 - Hong Kong Buffet (since 1996) used to be Caserta Pizzeria, which opened in March 1983.  By 1987, it had become Ronzio Pizzeria and by 1994 it was Lucianna's Italian Restaurant.
2212 - This used to be the location of Meshanticut Fish & Chips from 1974 until late 1987 when it became Gulliver's Fish & Chips. It later became Gulliver's Restaurant in August 1988.
Dyer Avenue
341 - Ocean State Food Market used to be Pocasset Fruit Market in the 50's until the mid 60's, and becoming Russo's Fruit Market by 1967.  By 1971, it was Railroad Salvage of R.I. and The Milk Wagon in 1973. By 1979, it was E S Mar Jewelry and then Tool City by 1982, S & S Casting by 1985, additional space for Auburn Radio & TV (343 Dyer Ave.) by 1987 and J P Taxidermy into the 90's.
344 - Taly's Garage used to be Ronci's Bakery from at least 1925 and operating all the way into the 90's.
349 - Epic Lounge used to be Gentile's Café from at least the 1930's to about 1970.
355 - Red's Lounge used to be Hart's Café going back to the 1930's for about 70 years into the 00's.
357 - Dina Manufacturing (since 1997) used to be Coffee's Café & Restaurant from 1953 until 1997.
359 - Now part of 357 Dyer Ave., this used to be Cerilli's Bakery from at least the 1930's until about the mid 60's. It then became CeCe's Bakery until the early-to-mid-70's and after that was used as additional space by Coffee's Café.
397 - Mutual Gas Station used to be Simone's Service Station (American/Amoco).
441 - The Car Lot used to be Dyer Avenue Wholesale Gas Outlet from about the early 60's until about 1990. It was earlier Connetta's Filling Station in the 30's through the 50's.. Below: Photos from 1986 and 1990.

454 -  Dyer Avenue Motors used to be Dyer Avenue Esso Service Center, becoming Center Auto Sales by the mid 70's.
470 - This used to be What Cheer Fruitland in the 60's until the early 70's.
548 - Dollar General used to be Adams Drug/Brooks Pharmacy going back to March 1967.  It then became a Rite Aid Pharmacy by 2007. Dyer Avenue Greenhouses was previously at this location before the store was built.

East Street
100 (1) - The Gentleman used to be a Texaco service station (Cotti & Son) from the late 50's until closing in the early 90's.  Photo: The former Texaco station in 1990 shortly before closing.
100 (2) - Napolitano's Brooklyn Pizza used to be Delizioso (seen below in 1991).

Elmwood Avenue
1282 - Ocean State Mobil used to be a Sunoco service station from at least 1950 (as McKay's Sunoco Service) until the early 90's when it changed to Citgo. Photo: Sunoco station in 1986.
1400 - First Years Learning Center used to be Public Car Wash from February 1962 to the early-to-mid 70's.  It then became Marine Optical Co. and was Rodell Mfg. Jewelry by the end of the decade/
1415 - Price Rite used to be an Almacs Super Market from October 1982 until January 1994. It then became a Valueland Super Market in June 1997 until closing all its stores about one year later. Photo: Valueland in 1997. Credit: WJAR
1441 - Ocean State Job Lot used to be a Kmart Department Store from August 1982
to November 2001. In between, it was National Wholesale Liquidators.
1450 - AMF Cranston Lanes was called the Cranston Bowl when it opened in 1960.
1540 - This used to be Ronny's Place for about 30 years beginning in the early 80's. It was previously the long-time home of Pat's Bar for well over 30 years before that.
1553 - Elmwood Sport Center (earlier Elmwood Sport Shop) has been at this location since about 1955. It started in late 1949 at 1616 Elmwood Ave before moving here.  Previously at this location was Crossing Café, which became Lindia's Restaurant when it moved to 1559 Elmwood.
1559 - RILimb used to be Lindia's Restaurant from 1955 to 1972. By 1975, it had become A & B Surgical Supplies.
1574 - TC Multiservices LLC used to be Toot's Depot sandwich shop from about 1982 to 1995 when it became Nikki McT's Family Restaurant. It was later Paula's Place, Las Delicias Divinas and Hi Noon Oriental Cuisine in the 00's.
1605 - This used to be Anthony's Spa going back to the 1930's to the early 60's when it became Anthony's Restaurant. By 1970 it was listed at 1617 Elmwood Ave. (see below).
1616 - This used to be Uncle Sam's Discotheque from about 1973 until closing in late 1974. It then became B.T. Bogarts Nightclub & Pub for the rest of the decade.  By the early 80's, it was JR's Pub and by the mid 80's, it had become Riviera Pub until about the mid-to-late 00's.
1617 - Stykee's New York System Restaurant (since 1990) used to be Anthony's Restaurant (previously listed at 1605 Elmwood Ave.) from about 1970 to 1989.  
1655 - Among the businesses that have occupied the large mill/industrial building behind the former IHOP was Kelly's Sporting Goods from October 1962 until moving to 11 Traverse Rd. in August 1970. Kelly's, which moved from it's former Providence location, replaced Leesona Corp. and was originally called Kelly's Circus Sporting Goods.  
1669 - Opened in October 1962, as an International House of Pancakes Restaurant, this became Alice's Kitchen in 1969, Sunshine Kitchen by early 1978, Montone's Family Restaurant by early 1979, The Purple Onion Restaurant (opened in late 1980), Armand's Restaurant (opened at about the start of 1983) and Barbara's Ristorante Italiano (opened about the start of 1984 until about 1997). This location was listed as 1655 Elmwood Ave for all of the above businesses.  Photo: Armand's Restaurant located in the old IHOP building from 1983

Fletcher Avenue
69 - Eastland Food Products used to be a Big G Supermarket from February 1966 to about 1969.  It then became Lipman Foods and later Native Poultry.
154 - Oil & Grease On Wheels used to be Regal's Texaco beginning in 1958.  It then continued as a Texaco station all the way into the 90's. Photo: The former Texaco station on Fletcher Ave. as seen on the 4th of July in 1991.
Garfield Avenue
204 - Stop & Shop Supermarket at Cranston Parkade plaza opened in late 2001.
296 (now 310) - Burlington Stores (since 2020) at Cranston Parkade plaza used to be a Kmart Department Store from November 2001 to November 2017.

Gansett Avenue
146 - Ichiban Restaurant (since 2005) used to be Marcello's (later Vincent Marcello's) Restaurant from at least 1955 when it was renovated, until about the early 90's. It then became Kong Wen Restaurant (moved from 1011 Cranston St.) until 2005.
164 - Mario's Italian Deli used to be Princess Beef Co. and later Chicago Beef in the 50's. It was later Plantations Auto Parts in the 70's, Del Sesto Bakery in the 80's and Gansett Mart Restaurant in the 90's.
183 - The area now used as a parking lot for the Cranston YMCA, this used to be an Arnold Palmer 19-hole putting course from 1963 to at least 1966.
192 - Young Sing Restaurant used to be Boston Submarine Sandwich Shop (aka Boston Sub) from 1958 to about 2010.

Garden City Drive
5 - Citizens Bank used to be Jennings Bros. Service Station from 1948 to 1988 (rebuilt in 1966). The station was originally called Garden City Atlantic and remained as an Atlantic station until being converted to Arco in 1970.

Harris Avenue
28 - Harris House apartment complex was converted from an abandoned A & P warehouse in 1979. The warehouse was built in 1928 and closed after a fire around the mid 70's. 

Hillside Road (All businesses part of Garden City Shopping Plaza)
45 (also at 47) - This started as Ray's Delicatessen in 1951 and then became Garden City Restaurant (also listed as Garden Restaurant) from 1952 to about 1975. After that it was used by Donnelly's Clothing at 51 Hillside Rd. for additional space.
57 - This used to be a Woolworth store from April 1954 until moving to 190 Hillside Rd.in about 1964.  It then became a Singer Sewing Center until 1971, when it changed to Fab-U-Sew.  By the mid-to-late 70's and into the 80's, Donnelly's Clothing at 51 Hillside also used this store for additional space.
65 - Gladding's Pharmacy opened here in June 1954.
79 - This used to be Industrial National Bank (changed to Fleet Bank in the early-to-mid 80's) from the late 60's (was earlier at 69 Hillside from the 50's) until the mid 80's with a drive-in facility added in 1978.  The bank would relocate to 201 Hillside.  Earlier here from 1953 until moving to 185 Sockanosett Cross Rd. in August 1965 was Garden City Lanes.
80 - Jos. A. Bank used to be Gladding's Department Store, which opened in April 1957.  It became Shepard's Department Store in the early 70's and then Child World from June 1974 until moving to Bald Hill Road in the late 80's.
87 - Chipolte Mexican Grill opened here in November 2009.
100 - This has been a Newport Creamery Restaurant since June 1954. Photo: Newport Creamery in the early 60's.
140 - This used to be a Circuit City store from November 1993 to about the start of 2009.
150 - The Container Store (was formerly Linens N' Things from about 1993 to 2009) and Cohoes Fashions (156 Hillside) used to be an Outlet Department Store from 1963 to 1982. In 1984, the Outlet building was transformed into Cohoes Commons, a mini shopping mall that included Cohoes along with a few smaller stores.  Cohoes left in 1989, then returned in 1994 to just about the same location, though slightly smaller.  It closed in February 2020.
176 - Barrington Books used to be an Archer Kent discount store from about 1970 to 1982.
182 - This used to be Ladd's Music Center from about 1970 until moving to Airport Plaza in Warwick by early 1985.
190 - L.A. Fitness was rebuilt in the former location of a Woolworth Department Store that was here from about 1964 (Woolworth had been originally been at 57 Hillside going back to April 1954) all the way until 1997, when it was one of the last three RI Woolworth stores to close. Borders Books moved into this spot in 1999 until closing in 2011.
210 - This used to be an Almacs Super Market from about 1963 (Almacs had been at 95 Hillside going back to 1949) until moving to 151 Sockanosset Cross Road in 1988, It later became Office Warehouse in 1991.  By 1993, it had become OfficeMax for about the next 20 years (listed at 200 Hillside).  Currently at this location are L.L. Bean, Jos. A. Bank and Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. Below: Woolworth's and Almacs in Garden City from 1985.

Midway Road (Garden City)
4 - Starbucks Coffee (since 1997) used to be Rudy's Restaurant from 1977 to 1981.  It then became C. Chaplain's Restaurant until 1983 when it was Mama Mia's Restaurant.
10 - This used to be Café Luna Restaurant from 1989 until moving a few doors down to 22 Midway Rd. in 1994 when Banana Republic took over the space.
22 - Bistro 22 Restaurant (since 2014) used to be Café Luna Restaurant from 1994 (moved from 10 Midway Rd.) to 2013.
24 - This has been Applebee's Grill and Bar since April 1989.

Narragansett Boulevard
1015 - City Line Convenience used to be a service station going back to the 1930's. It was a Cities Service (converted to Citgo in 1965) station in the 60's and became Colony 66 in the early 70's.
1020 - This has been a Shell service station (started as Edgewood Shell) since about the mid 70's.
1027 - This used to be Lago Rocket Sandwich Shop from about 1960 to 1975.
1043 - This has been Edgewood Market since 1958.  Going back to the mid 40's into the 50's, this was Marson's Market and even before that in the late 30's, it was Narragansett Boulevard Market
1150 - Johnson & Wales Harbor View Residence Hall used to be Colony Motor Hotel from December 1960 until changing to Colonial Hilton Inn in October 1969.  It was later renamed Cranston Hilton in the mid 70's. The hotel was purchased by Johnson & Wales in 1980 and would soon become Johnson & Wales Hospitality Center.

New Depot Avenue
1 - Cranston Municipal Court (5 Garfield Ave.) was built at the former location of the Narragansett Brewery. Established in 1890, a new plant for the brewery was built here in 1914 and operated until 1981.  It was torn down in late 1998 and early 1999.

New London Avenue
1 - A three-unit strip mall built in 1999 sits at the location that used to be Duncan Fyffe Restaurant from 1967 to 1997 and torn down in early 1999.  Prior to Duncan Fyffe, it was a Howard Johnson's Restaurant from 1937 to 1967.

101 - Econo Lodge (since about 2014) used to be a Days Inn from May 1989 until 2014.
1100 - Shalon Memorial Chapel (since 1999) used to be Young Sing Restaurant from 1988 to 1995. It then became Asian Star Restaurant by the start of 1996 and All Seasons Restaurant by early 1997 into the middle of 1998 before being renovated into a chapel. Earlier here for over 25 years was Oak Hill Super Market until about 1979.  From early 1980 to about 1987, it was Mr. C's Meatland.
1171 - Ninety Nine Restaurant (since August 1996) used to be Meshanicut Green Restaurant from at least 1938 until 1984. It then became Acorns On The Green in 1986 and September's by 1990.

Niantic Avenue
195 - Zona Lounge used to be Jim's Restaurant from 1968 through the 90's. It was later Bilken's Cafeteria & Grill and Kadismo Restaurant.
225 - Lang's Bowlarama still operates at the same location as it did on October 2, 1960 when it opened its doors for the first time and featured 40 lanes with.AMF automatic pinsetters and pindicators. Also here is Skyline Lounge.
333 - Carpet Cleaning Experts used to be Beecroft Chevrolet from 1965 to 1983. It then became Liberty Chevrolet/Honda from 1983 to 1994. This address is sometimes listed as being in Cranston and other times listed in Providence.

Oaklawn Avenue
690 (6) - This has been a Honey Dew Donuts location since about 1985.
693 - Tomaselli's Restaurant & Catering (since 1998) used to be Uncle Gino's Pizza from 1976 to 1997. In the early-to-mid 70's, it was Two Guys From Italy Pizza.
741 - Moon House Restaurant used to be China Pearl Restaurant from 1968 into the early 00's.
763 - Garden Hills Fruit & Deli used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken from 1967 into the early 80's. It started as Abby's Grille in April 1961 and reopened as Li'l Rascal Steak House in April 1966. After KFC, it became Dairy Mart in 1982, Family Farms grocery by 1984 and Bayburn Paint later in the 80's.
775 - Sundaes ice cream shop (since 1988) used to be Dairy Treat from about 1960 to the early 70's. After changing to Warwick Photo Labs by 1973, it went back to ice cream as Dip'z Creamery (see photo) later in the 70's and into the first half of the 80's. By 1985, it was Julie's Dairy Bar.
870 -  This used to be the location of Oaklawn Foodliner (IGA from about the early-to-mid 50's to the early 80's. Later here in the mid 80's into the 90's was Oaklawn Meat Market.
908  - This used to be a Shell service station (see below) from about 1962 into the 90's and later became Oaklawn Village Service Station. Prior to that, Callery's Spa (variety store with gas pumps) had been at this location going back to at least the 1930's until being torn down to build the Shell station.  Below: Shell service station in 1984
930 - Campanella's Restaurant used to be Oaklawn Pharmacy from May 1958 until merging with CVS Pharmacy in 1996.
999 - To The Pointe of Performing Arts in Oaklawn Plaza started as Pauline's Cards and Gifts in 1963. It later became Athenian's Grocery and Shaw's Meat Market during the 70's and Simply Sondra Office Supplies & Gifts from 1983 into the 90's.
1009 - Wein-O-Rama Restaurant has operated at this same location since 1962.
1170 - Tire Warehouse used to be a Ponderosa Steak House from about the mid 70's into the 90's.
1195 - CVS Pharmacy was built at the location that used to be Oaklawn Esso from about 1950 until being converted to Oaklawn Exxon from 1972 until the mid-to-late 90's.  The station had dated back to at least the 1930's under different names and was rebuilt around the late 60's.
1196 - This used to be Freddie's Pizza Drive-In Restaurant from 1958 to 1968 when it moved to 1210 Oaklawn Ave. It then became Lindy's Roast Beef until about 1970 and was Can't Miss Dress Shop until the building was destroyed by a fire in December 1972.
1200 - Rainbow Shops used to be a Fayva Shoe Store from late 1974 into the 90's.
1202 - Now part of Rainbow Shops, this used to be a Hit or Miss Fashions clothing store from the mid 70's into the 90's.
1210 - Haruki Japanese Restaurant (since the late 90's) used to be Vittorio's Restaurant in the 80's until about the mid 90's.  Before Vittorio's, it was Freddie's Pizza Drive-In from 1968 (moving from 1196 Oaklawn Ave.) until about 1979.
1224 - This was the home of Miss Cranston Diner from about 1948 until closing after a fire in March 2014 (torn down in 2015).  In early, 2015, the restaurant relocated to the Oaklawn Center plaza at 1150 Oaklawn Ave.
1234 - Superior Bakery has operated at this location since 1957.
1260 - This has been a Del's Lemonade for over 60 years (has also been listed at 1274 Oaklawn Ave.).
1288 - Dunkin Donuts (since about 2002) used to be Phred's Drugs from the late 70's until moving to 1300 Oaklawn Ave. in the early 00's.
1400 - Marshall's Shopping Center used to be the location of the Cranston Drive-In Theater from about the late 40's until making way for the new plaza in 1979.  Marshall's Department Store opened here in May 1980.
1455 - The former Uncle Tony's Pizza & Pasta for over 40 years (1981 until February 2024) used to be the location of Multi National Carpet in the mid-to-late 70's.
1500 - New Beijing Restaurant used to be a Dunkin' Donuts from June 1980 until moving to 1288 Oaklawn Ave. in the early 00's.  In between, it was Quizno's Subs.
1500 - Gina's Palm and Tarot Card Readings used to be Sam's Records, Tapes and Stuff from 1977 until about the mid 00's.
1500 - The former Club 5 (previously Mardi Gras Multi Club) used to be Mustang Sally's night club from November 1989 until about the early 00's. Before it became Mustang Sally's, this was a restaurant that started as Gregory's from about 1976 until closing in March 1980. It then became a temporary location for Twin Oaks Restaurant until October 1981 while the restaurant at its Sabra St. location was being rebuilt after a fire in February 1980.  After that it was Baccacio's until 1985, The Seasons from 1985 to 1986, Anthony's Park Place from 1986 to 1987 and ICE (nightclub) in 1988.  As of May 2020, the building is scheduled to be torn down in the near future.

Park Avenue
157 - A Tastee-Freez ice cream stand (Park Tastee-Freez) was once located here in 1955 before becoming Drive-In Laundramaid by 1959 and operating into the 60's. Frenchie's Famous Popcorn closed out the 60's at this address.  Flowerland of RI and Flowershed were then here in the 70's until Edgewood Plaza was built in this location.
266 - TNH Service Station dates all the way back to 1937, when it opened as Park Service Socony (Mobil) station.  By the mid 50's, it was McCormick's Tydol Service and then converted to Mason's Flying A Service by 1957. It later became a Getty station (Interstate Getty by the late 70's) that was converted to Lukoil in 2009, BP in 2011 and became an independent by 2014.
283 - Dunkin Donuts (since the late 80's) used to be the location of George's Atlantic service station from 1951 until becoming Parente's Atlantic by the mid 50's. It was then converted to Parente's Arco about 1970 for the rest of the decade. By the early 80's, it became Parkview Arco, then Parkview Gulf by 1983 and Parkview Service by 1985.
295 - This used to be The Cozy House Restaurant from at least 1950 until 1985 and later torn down.
300 - A small plaza including Del's Lemonade is now at the location that used to be an Esso/Exxon service station from August 1959 (opened as Edgewood Esso Servicecenter) until about 1977 (closed as Exxon Standard). By 1979, it became Shag Ra La rugs and carpets until the late 80's. By 1990, it was a plaza including Cellular Connections and Keystone Real Estate.
350 - Ocean State Kidz Club used to be a Major Video store from about the mid 80's to late 90's. It then became Blockbuster Video until about the late 00's.
661 - Legion Bowl has operated here since November 1948.
675 - This used to be a CVS Pharmacy from 1969 until being torn down in 2009.  Before CVS, it was Galen Drug from 1963 to 1969.
677 - This used to be Quick Shop convenience store from 1968 until about 1976, when it became a Store 24 convenience store through the mid 80's. It was then Fresh Mart going into the 90's and later became Digital Graphics before torn down in 2009
699 - Torn down in the 00's and located at about where A Child's Universe is today, this used to be a Del's Lemonade stand from about 1985 into the 90's. Later here was Kool Daddy's and The Music Source.  Before Del's, this was Mark Cleansers from 1962 to about 1975. It was then Graphic Press print shop from about 1977 to 1983.
701 - Parente's Barber Salon used to be Mario's Barber Shop (moved from 722 Park Ave.) until becoming Parente's by 1984. Also here from the mid 70's into the 00's was Time Products Inc. Going way back to the 1920's, this was Auburn Spa.  After being Salmon Watch and Clock repairing, which opened in 1932, it was Graney's Variety by 1938 and then Dick's Variety from at least 1943 until 1973. After that it was Al's Distributors.
703 - Lash Envy used to be Auburn Pizzeria from about 1960 to 1969. It then became J & L Pizza from about 1970 to 1983.
705 - Haircraft hairdressers used to be Town & Country Hairdressers from 1954 into the 90's.
707 - Manny's Hookah Shop used to be Ronco Jewelry from 1964 to about 1975. It then became Richard's Upholstery into the 90's and was later Gateway United Pentecostal Church.
708 - Shear Dimensions Hair Salon (since about the early 80's) used to be Elizabeth Candy Shoppe from 1965 (moved from 802 Park Ave.) until becoming Crafts N' Goodies in early 1976 until late 1978.
709 - This used to be Lincoln Shoe Repairing from 1945 all the way to about 1990. It was later Ann's Bakery (opened in 1991). Park's Pizza & Subs by 1997, Advance Cleaners, Alart Custom Picture Framing and has been Erick R. Photo Studio and The Tai Wag in the 2010's.
711 - Grain Coast Fellowship Church used to be McGuigan Co. (once billed as "Cranston's own department store" and later as "The Family Store since 1899") from at least 1928 in this building to 1960. The block of stores from 701-711 Park was known as McGuigan Block. It then became Reo Furniture from about 1960 to 1975 and Mike's Bicycle & Appliance from about 1976 into about 1990. It was later All-Star Gym, Flaming Cauldron and Harvest Outreach among others. Photo: Mike's Bicycle & Appliance at the McGuigan Building.
716 - Park Avenue Auto Sales and Service used to be Jennings Brothers Atlantic Service from 1940 to 1957, when it became Cook's Atlantic Service. It remained as Cook's until about 1974 and then became Tony's Service Station (later as Texaco) into the 90's.
717 - Gas N Go used to be Tony's Flying A Service Station from about 1959 to 1967.  It then became DiNardo's Flying A (converted to Getty in 1970) until about 1975. After that, it was Park Avenue Getty until 1983, Discount Rent-A-Car from about 1985 to 1997, A Plus Food Mart and AAA Gas. The Texaco and Getty signs can be seen at 716-717 Park Ave. in this mid-80's photo.
722 - This used to be Mario's Barber Shop from 1956 until being torn down about 1977 (Mario's moved to 701 Park Ave.). It had earlier been Goodwill Fruits and Vegetables from 1938 until becoming The Toggery Shop (clothing) in 1948.
734 - This used to be Dolan's Drug Store from the 1920's until about 1973.  It then became Star Carpets and later Auburn Community Center during the rest of the 70's.  It would then become Diane's Tailoring & Cleaning from about 1982 to 2010. Photo: Dolan's Drug Store. Photo Credit: What's Going On In Cranston.
736 (listed as 738 Park until the late 70's) - This was Dolan's 2-in-1 store in the 1920's and then became Vera's Cozy Corner Beauty Shoppe in the 1930's. By the 50's, it was Dolan's Ice Cream Shop until about 1973. It then became a Sunnybrook Farms convenience store until about 1982, when it changed to Dairy Mart. By 1987, it was Modern Mart, which operated into the 00's. It later became Quick Pick Food Mart until about 2010.
751 - Lunch Box Restaurant used to be Park Avenue Fish & Chips from about 1960 to 1985. It then became Pag's Place by 1989, Cousins Place by early 1994, Angel's Corner Restaurant by 1995, Pag's Place again by 1996 and Rooster's Grill.
790 - Vang Auto Repair goes all the way back to 1937, when it opened as Morgan & Rice Socony (Mobil) Service Station. After being Smith's Service Station for most of the 40's, it became Feyler's Cities Service Station in 1950. It remained as a Cities Service station until 1965, when all Cities Service stations were rebranded as Citgo. It became Tony's Service Center (still Citgo) in 1967 until about 1974. It was then Conti's Service Station until about 1983 and has been an auto repair shop under various names ever since.
808 - Extreme Barber Shop used to be Woodlawn Laundry from the early 70's and operating into the early 90's. By 1995. it was Calef Motors Annex.  The building dates back to at least 1936, when it was Healy's Tydol Service Station until about 1952. It later became East Side Cleaners and Tailors in 1957.
817 - This used to be an A & P Food Store from June 1938 (moved from 834 Park Ave.) to about early 1967.  Benny's (in the same building) would be at this address starting in June 1967 for additional space.
819 - Dollar Tree (since 2019) used to be Benny's Home & Auto Stores, which was at this location from about 1939 until Benny's closed all of its stores in late 2017. It was listed early on at 821 Park Ave.  Photo: Benny's in 1954.  Credit: What's Going On In Cranston.
822 - Simply Dainty Tuxedo Rentals and Bridal used to be Park Avenue Sports Center and The Hockey Den from June 1969 to about 1982. It then became Mum's The World Flower Shop by early 1984.
827 - City Hall Diner used to be John's New York System Restaurant from 1971 to about 2016. It started as Park Avenue Lunch in 1928. After that, It was Civic Center Light Lunch and Variety Store by 1930, Whitehead's Variety Store from 1932 to at least 1937, Bucky's Smoke Shop in 1939, Auburn Stationary Co. by 1940, Martins Variety Store by 1943, The P & M Store in 1944, The Cranston Herald office from 1944 to 1954, Perry's Spa from 1954 to 1956, Godfrey's Grill from 1957 to 1958, Mike's Grille from 1958 to 1963 and Park Grille from 1963 to 1971.
829 - Crosstown Press (since 1974) used to be Sterling Furniture Co. from 1952 to about 1968, when it became Myron Herman Co.  It had earlier been Auburn Library in the 1930's, Auburn Radio in the 40's and State Super Market (after major renovations) from 1948 to the early 50's.
833 - Located in what is now the Crosstown Press parking lot, this used to be a service station going back as far as 1941 as Sid's Amoco Service. It was Park Avenue Amoco Service Station from about 1946 to 1955 before becoming Turcotte's Service Station and later Park Calso Station by 1959 until about 1963. It then became Auburn (later Park Avenue) Wholesale Gas Outlet (Ultra Gas) until closing about 1972.
834 - Chinese American Mini Market (since about the mid 90's) has quite a storied history behind it as it used to be an A & P grocery store from 1929 to 1938 (moved to 817 Park Ave.). It then became a Ben Franklin Stores 5 and 10 (Smith's Ben Franklin Store) from 1938 to 1949.  From 1949 to 1956, it was Wally's 5 cents to $1 store.  After a short time as General Window Supply Co. (opened in 1956), it became Atlas Stationary from 1960 to about 1980. After that, it was an Original Ricotti's sandwich shop from July 1981 and operating into the early 90's, when it became What's It Going To Be pizza and subs by 1992.
838 - This used to be King Drug from 1936 to 1950 and Park Drug from 1950 to 1958.
840 - Freedom Seafood used to be Headly's Food Shop, going way back to at least 1926. It later became a First National Market and Grocery in 1933. After being vacant in 1941 and being used as a campaign fund office, it became Vasa Baking Co. from 1943 to 1947.  It then changed to Dutch Dainty Bakery until becoming Guttin's Bakeries in 1955. It remained as Guttin's through the early 70's, when it became Lupino's Pizza until about 1975. It was then Second Time Around clothing and after some years of vacancy, was used for additional space starting in the 80's by Park Avenue Delicatessen (see below).
840 (2) - Now part of Freedom Seafood, this used to be Park Avenue (Kosher) Delicatessen from about 1954 to 1994, when it became Olive's Park Avenue Deli.
848 - Park Theater used to be the historic Park Cinema (built in 1924), which operated as a movie theater until 2001.
858 - This used to be Cranston Music Center (name changed to Ladd's Music Center by 1961) from 1954 until moving to Garden City in 1967.
880 - Park Avenue Auto Service used to be Bergreen's Shell Service (opened in April 1960) and later became City Hall Shell service station until about the early-to-mid 80's.
931 - Browns Dairy (W.B. Brown & Sons, Inc.) started in 1914 and operated here until moving to Plainfield Pike in 1982.
1010 - Walgreens Pharmacy (since 1995) is at the location that used to be Mount Pleasant Hardware from about 1968 to 1975 and then Armen's Hardware into the 90's until at least 1993. Also at this address along with the hardware stores from about 1970 to 1981 was a Riccotti's Sandwich Shop.
1059 - T's Restaurant (since 1986) used to be Bridal Sweet bridal shop in the early-to-mid 80's beginning in 1981.
1079 - This has been Stadium Fish & Chip going back to about 1967. Before that it, was Auburn Fish & Chip Shoppe from at least the 40's until the mid 60's.
1082 - Caffe Bon Ami (since the early-to-mid 90's) used to be Celestino's Pizza by 1979 and Andros Pizza & Subs (opened in 1980). It then became Sub King by 1985 into the early 90's..
1085 - Saccoccio & Associates used to be Penn TV & Furniture for over 40 years from at least 1950 into the 90's.

1090 - Autozone used to be Food Town Market from about 1956 until 1982. It then became ADAP Discount Auto Parts in March 1983.
1099 - Premier Martial Arts used to be Olerio's Restaurant from the early 80's to mid 00's. It later became Feast Or Famine Restaurant in 2006 and Thai Lanna Restaurant in the late 00's,
1101 - Park Place Nail and Spa (since 2012) used to be a Carvel Ice Cream store from the early 80's to about the late 00's. In between, it was Planet Wireless. Before the three-unit plaza (1099-1103 Park Ave.) that has stood here since about 1980 was built, Vilmoray Restaurant was at this location in the 50's, then Maria's Restaurant in the 60's and early 70's and The Arbi Inn during the early-to-mid 70's.
1152 - Cranston Auto Ignition used to be Cann Motor Sales (aka Cann Dodge) from 1955 to about 1978.  It had earlier been listed at 1140 Park Ave. from 1935 to 1955.
1155 - Providence Lacquer & Supply used to be Stadium Bowling Alley (duckpin bowling) from at least 1941 until changing to Speedway Bowling Alley by the late 50's until about 1964. It then became Harry Ey Co. food distributors by the late 60's and Barry Sales Co. auto supply by the mid 70's. By 1983, this was listed as both Barry Sales and Providence Lacquer.
1215 - Webster Bank (since the mid 00's) used to be a Burger Chef Restaurant from 1960 until about 1984.  It later became Char-Brander Restaurant in the mid 80's and Hong Kong Restaurant from September 1987 to the mid-to-late 90's before becoming a bank (First Federal Savings) in the late 90's. Photo: Hong Kong Restaurant (Buffet)
1225 - The Cranston YMCA has been in operation here since opening in June 1959.
1232 - Milk & More used to be Park Market from about 1948 until becoming Bo-Peep Meat Market from 1959 to 1978. It then became Meats Inc. until 1982 and Abe's Meat & Deli from 1982 into the 90's.  Also here was a fruit store that had many different names, including Leo's, Pagano's, Haven, Park Open Air Market, Amato's and Mangiarelli Fruitland.
1315 - Dollar General was built in 2018 at the location that was an Arco service station and Car Wash from 1973 to 1985 when it was converted to Shell until about 2013 before being torn down.
1334 - Honey Dew Donuts used to be a Tim Horton's Restaurant from about the mid 00's to early 2010's.  Earlier here was Quick Stop Restaurant & Pizza (included Classic Deli and Pub) from about 1977 to 1984 and then Bess Eaton Donuts from about 1985 until the mid 00's.  Before becoming a restaurant, this was a Mobil service station that opened in September 1957 as Stabile's Service Station (ads proclaimed "Go Mobil with Stabile"). It continued as a Mobil station through the early-to-mid 70's.
1350 - This used to be New Yorker Restaurant from about 1986 into the early 00's.
1353 - Bestway Food Mart used to be a Texaco service station (Sal Zincones, Dino's and Joe's) from the mid 60's to the late 70's. It then became an Xtra Mart Food Mart (with Sunoco) from the early 80's to the early 00's. It later became Diamond Fuels Food Mart. Photo: Sunoco Xtra Mart in March 1987.
1359 - At this location from about 1964 to the late 60's was Cranston Kartway Park, featuring go-kart rides and a snack bar serving clam cakes and chowder as well as southern fried chicken.
1360 - This used to be Jerry's IGA from early 1974 (moved from 1680 Cranston St.) until about 1977, later becoming Gennaro's Market by 1978 and Bob's Park Avenue Market.
1369 - Torn down by 2015, this used to be Dragon Phoenix Restaurant from 1984 to 1989. After that it was The Empress Chinese Cuisine from 1989 until 2005, when it became Young Sing Chinese Cuisine until about 2010 (moved to 192 Gansett Ave.). It started as Ice Cream Fare Restaurant (opened about 1964) before becoming Arbi Restaurant (opened about 1966 until about 1975), Goodie Goodie Donut Shop (opened about 1976) and Ocean Island Restaurant (opened in 1978 to about 1984).
1391 - Now listed at 1401 Park Ave., Calvitto's Pizza & Bakery opened here in about 1984.
1401 - This used to be Amoriggi Sea Food from 1977 and operating into the 90's.
1463 - Marchetti's Restaurant (since 1982) used to be Old Diamond Café Restaurant going back to at least the late 50's (listed at 1461 Park Ave. at that time).
1472 - This used to be a Fotomat film development booth from about 1977 to the early 90's.  After Fotomat closed, it became the short-lived, but still remembered Condom Hut from July 1992 to June 1993. It later became a Del's Lemonade stand by the late 90's and United Lock and Safe House in the early 00's.
1482 - Athena's Breakfast & Lunch in Knightsville used to be Helen's N.Y. System Restaurant from about 1962 until 1995(see below photo from 1987). It has also been Park Plaza Grille (opened in 1996) and High Stakes Restaurant.
1484 - Now part of Athena's, this used to be LaFazia's Bakery from about 1962 to 1971. It then became Falcetta's Bakery until the late 80's, when it changed to Luciano's Bakery. During the 90's and into the 00's, it became Mama Teresa's deli and restaurant.
1486 - This used to be a Cumberland Farms Dairy Store (see below) from 1962 until the late 80's.

Parkway Avenue
10 - Citizens Bank and its parking lot at 2191 Broad St. (opened in 1973) used to be the location of Pawtuxet Recreation Bowling Center (with 14 lanes) from about 1947 until changing to Gallagher's in the 60's to the early 70's.  Earlier in the 1940's at this location was Pawtuxet Garage.

Phenix Avenue
200 - Navigant Credit Union (since May 2021) used to be a Burger King from June 1997 until 2018.
243 - This used to be Countryside Light Lunch Restaurant from the 60's into the 90's. Earlier, from at least the late 50's, it was Phenix Spa Restaurant.

Plainfield Pike
1776 - Walmart Department Store opened here in September 1993.  This was previously the address of DiLanna Egg Farms.
1810 - Planet Fitness used to be an A & P Super Food Store (opened in 1993). It then became an Edwards Super Food Store in 1995 and a Ro-Jacks Food Store from 1997 to 2004.
1820 - McDonald's opened here in October 1993.
2174 - Washington Trust Bank (since 2012) used to be a Bess Eaton Donuts, which opened in June 1999. It later became a Tim Horton's Restaurant by 2004.

Plainfield Street
1394 - Located in the neighborhood known as Thornton, 7-Eleven was built in 2003 (originally as Cranston Food Mart Plus) at the location of the former Village Rendezvous restaurant (see photo), which operated from at least 1937 all the way until about the early 00's before being torn down.  Photo Credit: Cranston Historical Society.
Pontiac Avenue
460 - Sam's Food Stores used to be Cook's Atlantic Service Station from at least 1946 into the 50's. From 1957 to about 1977, it was Bud Lord's Atlantic Service (converted to Bud Lord's Arco in 1970). It continued as an Arco station until converted to Shell in 1985, By the late 80's into the 90's, the station was vacant.
480 - SRL Mart (with Citgo and Dunkin Donuts) used to be the location of Don's Richfield Service Station from 1961 to 1963. It then became T & S Automotive before being torn down in 1966.  After being rebuilt, this was Auburn Sunoco until about 1977, when it became Carl's Sunoco.  It remained a Sunoco station until being converted to Mobil in 1992.
526 - Cork & Bottle Liquors (since the mid-to-late 70's) used to be Eden Drug from at least 1925 to about 1967. It would then become H & M Liquor (may have briefly started as Eden Liquors).
527 - Pontiac Food Mart used to be a Cumberland Farms convenience store from the early 70's into the 90's. It later became Pontiac Express.
531 - Tony's Pizza Palace (since 2018) used to be Providence Public Market from 1946 to 1953. It then became Eden Park Super Market from 1953 to 1963, Sunnybrook Farms from 1963 to 1973, Sir Speedy Printing in 1974, Organic Gourmet in the late 70's and First Church of Christ Scientist (Christian Reading Room) in the 80's and 90's. It later became Scampi's Of Course! Restaurant by the mid 00's and International Used Appliances from 2011 to 2017.
533 - Now used for additional space by The Time Capsule, this used to be Ye Colony Bakery from about the early-to-mid 60's until becoming Bob Carol's Bakery in the early 70's until the early 90's. It then became Camire's Athletic Soles by 1994 and was later Sea Mist Floral.
537 - The Time Capsule comic books used to be White Rose Market from the early 40's until about the early-to-mid 70's. It was previously Mrs. Keene's Bakery from 1939 to the early 40's and after White Rose it later became Cranston Floor Covering during the 70's and going into the 90's.
539 - Also part of Time Capsule, this address used to be split into two businesses. One was a long-time barber shop from at least the 40's as Joe's Barber Shop, continuing into the 70's as Ralph's Barber Shop and going through the 80's and into the 90's as Vinnie's Barber Shop.
Also once here was an A & P grocery store back in 1930. By 1950, it was Peggy-Helen Yarn Shoppe. Some of the businesses here after that included Universal Cleansers and Lind's Bakery in the 50's, Low's Restaurant and Tastee Foods Restaurant in the 60's, Robbins Photography and Nadeau Photography in the 70's, Cranston Antiques & Collectibles in the 80's and early 90's, Hydroponic Gardening by 1995 and Occasions by Gini by 2005.
541 - Eden Park Cleaners (since the mid 70's) used to be Pearle Cleansers from 1955 to 1961 and Parke Cleansers from 1961 to the mid 70's.
548 - Located adjacent to the supermarket and now part of Dave's Marketplace, this used to be Tony's Pizza Palace from the early 70's until 2016.  Before Tony's, it was James Coiffeurs.
550 - Dave's Marketplace (since 2017) used to be a Star Market (originally United Star Market) from October 1958 to 1990, when it was converted to Almacs until 1995. It became a Hi-Lo Supermarket in 2000 and was later converted to Seabra Foods in 2003 until 2015.
564 - This used to be the location of Budlong Manufacturing Co, from at least the 1920's to about 1988. A Brooks Pharmacy (and other businesses) was built here in 1989 at 570 Pontiac Ave, although the side entrance of Brooks was listed here at 564 Pontiac.  It was later converted to Rite Aid Pharmacy.
899 - A Plus Auto Service used to be Dyer & Szlatenyi's Flying A Service Station starting in 1956. It then became Serpa's Flying A Service in late 1960 until being converted to Serpa's Getty Service in about 1970 through 1985, when it was called Pontiac Ave. Getty.  It continued as a Getty until being converted to BP in 2009. By the early-to-mid 2010's, it had become strictly an auto repair shop. Photo: Pontiac Ave. Getty in 1990.
905 - Partners In Primary Care was built as a 7-Eleven convenience store in 1971.  It then became Camera Case Photo and School of Photography in 1975. By 1979, it was Women's World fitness center and then Accent On Fitness through much of the 80's. It later became Easter Seals Rhode Island.
949 - Maria's Pizza & Wings has been operating at this location since about 1973 following Beefland.  Many years earlier, this was the location of Saravo's Garden Market.
951 - A & B Mart Convenience Store used to be a Cumberland Farms store from about the early-to-mid 70's until the early 90's.  Below: Signs for Cumberland Farms and Maria's Pizza in 1987.
1030 - Citizens Bank (since 1994) started as an Old Stone Bank in March 1967 until changing to Citizens.
1106 - Pho Sai Gon & Bar (since 2018) used to be Don's Restaurant from 1962 to 2012, when it became Cranston Tavern. It was later Milestone Kitchen & Bar beginning in 2015.  Before Don's in the 50's and early 60's, this was Tony's Diner.
1155 - Burger King (since late 2021) used to be a Webster Bank branch from 2009 to 2017.  Before that it was a Krispy Kreme Donuts location that opened in May 2003.
1177 - Chase Bank (since 2021) was built at the location that used to be a Burger King from about 1983 until closing in early 2020.
1200 - Brewed Awakenings Coffee House used to be Pontiac Esso (converted to Exxon in 1972) service station from about 1970 into the 00's, when it became a Sunoco station. Photo: Pontiac Exxon sign in 1985.
1207 - This has been a Shell service station for over 50 years beginning in 1970 as Garden Shell.
1578 - This used to be Howard Variety from at least the mid 1940's until the early-to-mid 70's and then torn down. Photo credit: Cranston Historical Society

Puritan Avenue
10 - Gutierrez Barber Shop used to be Puritan Avenue Market (later Puritan Variety Store) from about 1960 until becoming Auggie's Variety Store in the early 80's.
116 - Kid's Kingdom daycare (since January 1998) used to be Village Café from at least 1943 until changing to Village Inn by 1962 until about 1976, when it became Firefighter Pub.  In the 80's until about 1993, it became Angel's Restaurant.  Going back from the mid 30's to late 40's, it was West End Republican Club and then Five Points Inn.
133 - This used to be Puritan Avenue Grocery from about 1947 to 1968.

Reservoir Avenue
445 - St. Jude Home Care is at the location that used to be Courtland Drapery from 1958 (moved from 428 Reservoir Ave.) and operated all the way through the 90's.
455 - The former Rico's Hairworks (mid-to-late 70's to the early-to-mid 2010's) used to be The Hut Restaurant from the late 40's and into the early-to-mid 60's. It then became Gallo Studios until the mid 70's. Photo: Gallo Studios from 1971.
460 - Aaron's (since the 00's) used to be a Pier 1 Imports store beginning in the early-to-mid 70's. It then became a Pier 1 Imports Clearance store in 1999 after a new store opened in Garden City.
475 - Shell service station (since about 2021) used to be a Merit Oil service station from about 1964 until it was converted to Hess in 2000. It was later converted to Speedway in 2015.
508 - Advantax & Insurance used to be Ellbey's luncheonette & grill from 1949 and going through the 50's. By the early 60's, it was Olivo's Restaurant until about 1967. It then became Teddy's Restaurant through the 70's and was Deltah's Hot Weiners in the early 80's until closing after a fire in March 1982.  Mr. Tux then opened here in 1983 and operated for over 25 years until 2009, when it became Men's Warehouse until about 2015.
529 - Heritage Liquors used to be the location of Richard's Drive-In Restaurant from February 1956 to about 1962. It became Child's Jr. Restaurant in 1963 and by 1965, Hurd & Goldberg had expanded across the street into this location with their used car annex until moving in 1990.  It then became the location of Christy's Liquors by 1992.  Photo 1: Richard's Drive-In Restaurant in 1956. Credit: Providence Journal.  Photo 2: This appears to be the same restaurant after changing to Childs Jr. Credit: Rhode Island Historical Society.

540 - A small plaza was built at the location that used to be Hurd and Goldberg (later Hurd Chrysler Plymouth in the 70's and Hurd Buick-GMC in the 80's) auto dealership from January 1945 (moved across the street from 549 Reservoir Ave.) until moving to its current location in Johnston in 1990.
548 - The location of the former Honey Dew Donuts (1993 to 2022) goes back to at least the 1920's when it was a Texaco service station. It became a Tydol station in the 1930's and Gulf (Cranston Gulf) by 1945. It remained a Gulf service station all the way until about 1984 when it changed from Hurd Gulf to Hurd Mobil. By 1990, it was used as additional space for Hurd Buick-GMC before moving to their current location
567 - Mega Plaza including Rent-A-Center used to be Tony Goodrich's Television City from November 1964 until March 1980.  By the mid 80's, it had become a small plaza featuring DePetrillo's Pizza & Bakery (became Crugnale's Pizza & Bakery in June 1989), Movies N' More (opened in April 1985) and Bagels East.
570 - Uncle Sushi & Grill used to be a Walt's Roast Beef Restaurant from the mid-to-late 60's until moving to its present location at 680 Reservoir Ave. in the early-to-mid 70's. Before Walt's, this was Dari-Delite ice cream going back to at least 1953.  After Walt's, it was briefly Nathan's Steak & Roast and then became Mario's Steak & Roast Beef by 1973 until the mid-to-late 70's. After that, the restaurant changed names several times in the next few years, including Jodony's Italian Sandwiches by 1978, Connie's Italian Sandwiches by 1984, Mutt's Pizza by 1986 and Argos Pizza & Seafood by 1988. In the 90's, it was Captain Galley's Restaurant by late 1994, Hail Caesar Ristorante Cafe by 1996, Earl's Sandwich Hut from February 1998 into the 00's and Smith's Classic Grill by 2003.
599 - The former ADAP Auto Parts (1996 to about the mid 00's) used to be Thall's Pharmacy from about 1957 until 1995 after moving from 602 Reservoir Ave.
606 - The Big Cheese and Pub (since 1968) was known as The Pizza Hot until about the mid 70's. Earlier, it was Goldie's Surf Shop from about 1965 to 1968.
615 - J.D. Byrider (since the mid-to-late 90's) used to be Reservoir Esso Service Station from 1961 until become Sal Zincone's Service Station (converted to Exxon in 1972) until the early 80's.  It then became National Car Rental by 1984 until about the mid 90's.
623 - Villiari's Martial Arts used to be Cathay Den Restaurant for over 30 years from October 1960 until shortly before becoming Silver Palace Restaurant in October 1992. Silver Palace operated until at least the early 00's.
624 - Baja's Fresh Grill and the former Papa Gino's Pizzeria in the Park N Shop Center used to be a Rhode Island Hospital Trust branch from 1955 to about 1974. It reopened as Peoples Bank in January 1975 until being converted to Shawmut Bank of Rhode Island in March 1990.  Shawmut then closed this office and moved up the street to 1140 Reservoir Ave in August 1990.
626 - Subway Restaurant (since September 2000) in the Park N Shop Center started as Towne Shoppe Beauty and Gift in December 1955. It became Phillips Conn Organ in 1959, Red Carpet Beauty Salon in 1962, Belle Femme Hair Fashions by 1967, Providence Carpet by 1970 until about 1983 and Budget Video from then into the early-to-mid 90's and Church Travel by 1994.
628 - Now part of Dunkin Donuts, this used to be Victor Cleansing from December 1955 to about 1967. After a short time as Norge Laundries, it was Clean Wash by 1970 until becoming Command Performance Beauty Salon by 1979 until about 1984.  It then became a Fantastic Sam's haircutting salon in early 1986 and going into the early 00's.
630 - Dunkin Donuts has been at this location in the Park N Shop Center for over 60 years since 1957.  It was originally Regents Sundial Shoe Store from December 1955 until closing after being damaged by a fire in October 1956.
634 - Cricket Wireless in the Park N Shop Center started as Teen Haven in 1956, with a name change to ViDel Specialty Shop in 1957. By 1959, it was King's Dance Studio and by 1963, it was a Sears Roebuck catalog store until about the time Sears opened up their department store at Midland Mall in Warwick in 1967.  It then became Tiffany Wigs Import for about a decade before becoming a Sir Speedy printing center by 1978 until the mid 80's. By the end of the 80's and into the 90's, it was Wrap & Ship and then Waldorf Tuxedo in 1992.  Going into the 00's (by 1998), it had become Omnipoint Communications and later a Metro PCS store.
636 - China Star Restaurant (since about the late 00's) in the Park N Shop Center started as Cranston Hardware in June 1956. It then became Ben Ross' House of Shoes from 1959 until about 1977.  After that, it became a Subway Restaurant (moved from 521 Pontiac Ave.) in 1977 until changing to Ace of Subs by 1981. By 1983, it was Siam Gift Shop and beginning in January 1985, it was an H & R Block tax office.  As the 90's approached, it became a Little Caesar's Pizza restaurant (opened in 1989), which operated through the decade and into the early 00's.
638 - LA Nails (since the late 90's) in the Park N Shop Center used to be a Greylawn Farms poultry store from 1962 to about 1974. It then became a Baskin Robbins ice cream store from the mid 70's to early 90's.  In 1991 and for the next few years, it was International Food Market. Photo: In 1983, the lineup at the Park N Shop Center included Dunkin' Donuts, Sir Speedy, Siam Gift Shop And Baskin Robbins Ice Cream.
640 - The former Spike's Junkyard Dogs Restaurant in the Park N Shop Center started as Blanding & Blanding drug store in December 1955.  It would become Top Value Enterprises by the end of the 50's and then a Cumberland Farms dairy store from about 1962 to 1978. It then became Photo Quick printing into the 90's and Spike's by the end of the decade.
645 - Washington Trust used to be a Kentucky Beef Restaurant in the early 70's.  After a short time as Lovitt's, it would later become an Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips Restaurant around the mid 70's until being converted to a bank (First Bank & Trust) in the early 80's.
659 - Cumberland Farms (since the late 80's and rebuilt in 2014) used to be the location of Lindy's Restaurant from at least the late 30's until the mid 60's. This included The Bali Room, which opened in 1955. A Gulf service station then operated here from 1966 until becoming Lil Peach convenience food store and Gulf self service by 1977. It then became Dairy Mart (still with Gulf products) in about 1983. Photo 1: Dairy Mart in 1985. Photo 2: Lindy's Restaurant.

660 - Burger King opened at this location in 1969.  In the mid 80's, a new drive-through Burger King was built next to the original building, which was then torn down and the area is now used as the parking lot for the current building.  The current Burger King is listed at 966 Park Ave.. Photo: The original Burger King at 660 Reservoir Ave. in the early 80's.

680 - Walt's Roast Beef Restaurant (since 1972) used to be Goodlight Fish & Chips, which opened in May 1970. It then became Alfie's Fish & Chips shortly thereafter.
681 - Although it has been rebuilt, CVS Pharmacy has been at this address since about 1976. Cranston Floor had previously operated at this address from at least the mid 50's to the mid 70's.
691 - This used to be a Wendy's Restaurant from the early 80's to the mid 00's before being torn down and the land is now used for parking for CVS Pharmacy.
716 - California Taco Shop (since 2016) used to be George's Grill (New York System) from about 1968 to 2013. It then became Sombrero Mexican Grill from 2013 to 2016. Before George's, it was Smack's Restaurant from 1951 to 1968.
721 - R.I. Rehabilitation Center (since about the late 90's) used to be Sandager Ford from 1930 to 1956. It then became Rossi & Oliver Ford in early 1957, Rossi Ford in 1958, Al Mitchell's Reservoir Ford Sales in late 1959, Al Mitchell Ford in 1961, Mitchell Toyota in 1971, Gansett Toyota by 1976 and Miranda Toyota from about 1982 to the early 90's.
725 - Orthopedic Associates used to be a Big "G" Super Market (earlier Great Scott Food Market beginning in 1954) from about the early 60's to late 1976.  It later became Seventh Avenue Clothing by 1979 and Fleet National Bank.
763 - Little Caesar's Pizza used to be Forest Hills Sunoco service station, which opened in May 1955 and operated until about the early 80's. It then became a Cumberland Farms store from about 1983 to 1991.  In 1995, it became a Blimpie restaurant, then Henry T. "The Perfect Sandwich" Restaurant by 2005 and Quizno's Subs restaurant during the 00's to about the mid 2010's. Photo: Taken in 1991, Cumberland Farms had recently closed here and the building was waiting for a new tenant.
787 - Dairy Twirl has been at this location since about 1956. 
800 - Rainbow Bakery has been at this location since 1964. It is slated to close on May 15, 2021, 
815  - This used to be Domestic Bank (earlier Domestic Safe Deposit) from 1971 to 2010. It then became Admirals Bank until 2013.
822 - KFC has been at this location since about 1969.
823 - Now Sako's Pizza, the former Donut Bazar (late 90's to mid-to-late 2010's) used to be a Mister Donut from April 1978 into the 90's.  Earlier from at least the 50's into the 70's, it was Bruce Pharmacy and later International Gift Gallery (opened in early 1976).
860 - Rhode Island Credit Union (since 2015) was constructed on the former location of Bickford's Family Restaurant (early 1976 to the mid-to-late 00's).
957 - The future Macera's Italian Restaurant (as of July 2019) and former Galaxie Restaurant (1993 to 2016) used to be Cape Cod Restaurant from about 1969 to 1991.  In between, it was Le's Restaurant from 1992 to 1993..
1012 - Olneyville N.Y. System Restaurant started as Maxwell's Restaurant in November 1976 and changed to Mario & Anna's Restaurant (opened in September 1977) and Olneyville Wieners before becoming The Wiener Man from about 1982 into the 90's.
1045 - The former Kenny's Place (renamed from Scrambler's in 2017 after being closed due to a 2016 fire and operated until 2019) used to be an IHOP Restaurant from 1970 into the 00's. As of February 2020, El Tapatio Restaurant is close to opening at this location.
1073 - Spain restaurant (since 1994 and rebuilt at that time) used to be the location of Rustler Steak House beginning in 1975 and may have just made it to 1980 before becoming Bonanza Steakhouse starting in June 1980. It later became Pub Dennis Restaurant from about 1984 to 1990 and then became Palisades Park (Classic Hits Nightspot) in 1990. At this location before Rustler for over a decade was Forest Hills  Nurseries and Garden Shop
1076 - Taco Bell has been at this location since September 1981 and was rebuilt in 2006.  Photo: The Taco Bell sign from the mid 80's.
1099 - A McDonald's restaurant has operated at this location since May 1972.
1112 - The former Pizza Hut was built in 1975 as a James McManus Eating Place. It then became Rascal House Restaurant in March 1980, Marshall's of 42nd St. Deli & Restaurant in 1981, Pizza Casino by 1983 until 1989, when it became Pizza Hut for about 25 years.
1177 - Denny's Restaurant (since 2016) used to be a Friendly's Restaurant from about 1983 until closing 30 years later in 2013.
1255 - Seven Stars Bakery (since November 2019) used to be Columbus National Bank from 1963 to about 1984, when it changed to Rhode Island Hospital Trust Bank until 1991.  It then became Ivolino's Italian and Kosher-style deli in early 1992. It later became The Coffee Bean in 1994, Cafe La France by 1996, Village Bean in 1997, Tazza Di Caffe in 2000, Efendi's Mediterranean Grill in 2001, Cilantro Mexican Grill in 2013 and Carolina Barbecue Co. in 2017.
1275 - Chelo's Hometown Bar & Grille (since January 1972 as Chelo's Beef Hearth Of Cranston) used to be Ted's Big Boy Restaurant from April 1965 to January 1972.
1285 - Dollar Tree used to be Brodsky's Toys from the fall of 1962 until the summer of 1974. It then became the Sofa Shoppe (later Leapman's Furniture and Sofa Shoppe) in July 1975, Leapman's Furniture in 1979, Gil Stevens Furniture in 1980, Fashion Gallery in April 1981 and then Rainbow Shops by 1989 into the 90's. It was then Brooks Pharmacy in the 00's and later Rite Aid Pharmacy.
1301 - The Imaging Institute used to be Adams Drugs from November 1966 until 1981. It would later become Phred's Drugs III in 1983 and Garden City Drugs by 1989 into the 90's and Brooks Pharmacy by 1996 (later at 125 Reservoir). Before Adams Drugs, this was a Radio Shack store (opened in November 1961 with Liberace on hand to sign autographs) until 1966.

Rhodes Place
60 - The ballroom at Rhodes-On-The Pawtuxet was built in 1915 after a fire destroyed most of the buildings here. The gazebo at the corner of Broad St. and Rhodes Pl. goes back to 1880. See the Rhodes-On-The-Pawtuxet website for a complete history.

Rolfe Square (formerly Rolfe Street)
56 - Citizens Bank has operated at this location since all the way back to August 1947.
62 - Now used for parking, this used to be Community Fruitland starting in 1952 (opened earlier that year as The Farm Store), later becoming Auburn Fruitland by 1969 and Mangierelli's Fruitland by 1978.  By 1990. it was again called Auburn Fruitland and continued as that until at least 2002.
65 - This has been Durfee's Hardware (since 1930) for about 90 years!
72 - The former Phu Lam Market used to be a Woolworth store from December 1953 until the early 70's, when it became Nayco 5 & 10 for close to 35 years until closing in late 2006. After that it became 99 Marketplace until changing the name to Phu Lam Market in 2009.
77 - Now multiple businesses, this used to be a First National Super Market beginning in January 1941 to about 1967.  After that it became Soprano's Market in March 1968 and then Miracle Foods in 1977 until about 1979.  Through the 80's and into the 90's it was a Rite Aid Pharmacy.
81 - This started as a Piggly Wiggly grocery store in 1941 and then became an Almacs market from about 1944 to 1962. By 1966, multiple businesses were here including Security Cleansers (opened in 1966), Legion Realty and Giso Bros. Wholesale Candy & Tobacco store (later listed at 85 Rolfe St.).  All three were here until about 1980, when it all became Cranston Department of Senior Services. Cranston Adult Education Programs at 83 Rolfe is at this location today.
82 - Character's Café and Theatre 82 (since 2013 used to be Cedar's Pharmacy from 1946 to about 1972. It then became Prime Drug until the early-to-mid 90's and Gymboree Play and Music from then until the early 2010's.
85 - This used to be the location of The Country Store department store from March 1946 until being burnt down by a fire in May 1963.
88 - Now part of Jerusalem Meat Market (expanded into here from 88 1/2 Rolfe during the 2010's), this used to be Kool Korner Ice Cream from at least the mid 40's until the mid 90's. It was replaced by Rolfe Square Cafe & Grill in 1997.  
88 1/2 - Jerusalem Meat Market used to be Marty's Kosher Meat Market from the mid 70's into the 90's. Before Marty's, it was Pluto's clothing in the early-to-mid 70's.
90 - King's Garden Restaurant (since May 1982) used to be China Inn Restaurant from 1954 to 1982. Before China Inn, this was The Spot-Lite market, which specialized in fresh native chicken. 
93 - This used to be Adams Super Drugs from at least 1955 until becoming Adams Discount Health & Beauty in the early 80's.  It was then vacant and no longer listed by 1985.

Sabra Street
100 - Located off of Niantic Ave, the popular Twin Oaks Restaurant has been in operation since 1933.  The restaurant was rebuilt in and reopened in October 1981 after the original building burned down after a fire in February 1980.

Sockanosett Cross Road (Garden City)
85 - BayCoast Bank used to be a Citizens Bank branch office from about 1983 to 2017.
100 - This large building used to be the manufacturing plant for Davol Inc. from about 1969 to 1997. It then became the home of corporate offices for Citizens Bank from 2000 until moving to Johnston in 2018. 
125 - Wines and More (since about 2010) used to be Kelly's Sporting Goods from 1985 (moved from 11 Traverse Rd.) to at least the late 90's. It later became Future Fitness by the late 90's, Planet Fitness in 2004 and Fit World.
151 - Whole Foods Market (since October 2007) used to be an Almacs Supermarket from June 1988 to December 1995. It then became a Shaw's Supermarket in March 1996 until moving across the street to 8 Chapel View Blvd. in 2005.
Previously at this address was Garden City Cinema from December 1967 to April 1986.  It was torn down in May 1987. The cinema opened as one 1.074 seat theater with a showing of Walt Disney's Jungle Book. In 1972, the cinema was split into two theatres.
185 - This used to be Garden City Lanes (duckpin bowling) from August 1965 (moved from 79 Hillside Rd.) until the summer of 1985 and torn down in 1987.

Traverse Road (Garden City)
11 - This used to be Kelly's Sporting Goods from August 1970 (moved from 1669 Elmwood Ave.) until moving to 125 Sockanosett Cross Road in 1985.  It had previously been a First National grocery store from about 1955 to 1969.

Vermont Street
31 (earlier listed at 29) - Being located in a small brick building without a sign on a side street in the Knightsville section of Cranston did not stop long lines from forming on Sundays after church for fresh-baked Italian Bread and rolls at Garzilli's Bakery from at least the 50's into the 00's.

Warwick Avenue
41 - The former Al-Mall Pizza and mini-mart (about 1986 to 2019) used to be Henry's Delicatessen from 1967 to about 1976. It then became Mecca East and then Lee's Deli until 1986.
95 - Speedy Mart (since the 90's) used to be Clark's Service Station going back to the 1930's into the 50's. By 1957, it was Dupuis Sunoco Service and then Tony's Sunoco Station through the 60's. In the 70's, it became Wilson Sunoco in the first half of the decade and Big S Party Center deli & self serve in the latter half.  In the 80's, it was Grasso's Family Store early on before becoming a Sunnybrook Farms store by 1983 and going into the 90's.  Photo: Speedy Mart from about 1997.
143 - This used to be Abbey's TV Repair from about 1974 to the mid 00's. Other businesses it had previously been included: Cranston Refrigeration Sales and Service in the mid 40's, Esther's Bake Shop (opened in 1948), Ye Colony Bake Shop, Gigi's Beauty Salon (early-to-mid 60's) Roberta's Beauty Salon (mid 60's to early 70's) and Lovely Look Beauty Salon in the early 70's to about 1973.
145 - This used to be Handler's Market going back to at least the mid 40's until becoming Tommy's Meat Market in the late 70's. It later became The Cash Register in the mid 80's and Gina's Salon. Photo: Handler's Market and Abbey's TV around the mid-to-late 70's. Photo Credit: You know you are from Cranston RI if you remember.
149 - This used to be Selbold Pharmacy from the early-to-mid 1930's to 1942 and Cliffdale Pharmacy from 1942 to 1967. It was then Allstate Sewing and Vacumn Center by 1970 until the mid 80's (later changing to All Brands in the 80's), when it was Fred Villari's Studio of Self-Defense into the 90's.
165 - Located at the corner of Warwick Ave. and Park Ave. was the popular Miami Diner going back to at least 1954 and renovated in 1956. It became Three G's New York System Restaurant in the late 70's and then Original Gregory's until closing after a fire in 1985.
238 - Torn down in the late 00's, this used to be Dairy Shoppe (aka Joe's Dairy Shoppe) ice cream stand from the late 70's into the 90's.  Earlier, it had been Horn Fuel & Oil and Forget Me Nots Gifts. Photo: Dairy Shoppe from 1985.
250 - Torn down in the late 00's, this used to be Easy Wash Car Wash starting about the mid 70's and operating into the 90's.

260 - Located in front of the above car wash was a self-service gas station that sold Phillips 66 gasoline in the mid 70's and would later switch to Citgo, Arco and then Mobil from 1985 into the 90's.   Below 1: The Arco self-service station, Easy Wash car wash and the sign for Joe's Dairy Shoppe from 1984.  Below 2: In 1985, all Arco stations in Rhode Island were rebranded and this station switched to Mobil (seen below in March 1986 with Joe's right behind the sign).

275 - Stop & Shop Supermarket opened here in September 2011.
313 Phillips Plumbing used to be Choppy's Fried Chicken back in the late 40's until about 1972 (listed at 311 Warwick Ave after 1969).  It was then Millstream Lounge (earlier Millstream Cafe was listed at 311 Warwick Ave. before 1969) and later Billie Jeanne's Playpen (opened in 1975), Sir William's Pub (opened in 1979 and later renamed Millstream Pub), Rick's Place (opened in 1983), Jukebox (opened in 1985), Club Goodtimes by 1990 and Duke's Good Times by 1992 for at least the next ten years..  Back in the mid-to-late 40's, it was Ice Cream Parlor.


  1. Kelly's Sporting Goods had a stand-alone location in Garden City generally where the gazebo is today across from Newport Creamery. I believe it then moved to Sockanosset Cross Rd where Wines and More is today. Also, Bob Carol's Bakery was on Pontiac Ave across from Cork and Bottle Liquors in possibly the same building where Eden Park Cleaners is today. A camera store (The Camera Case?) occupied the building to the left of the former Getty gas station on Pontiac Ave and I believe it was a 7/11 store prior to that.

  2. In the plaza that was set back from the road (now torn down) just to the left of Legion Bowl on Park Ave, there was a Store 24 on the far right end. On the same side of Park Ave across Woodbine St, where A Child's University is today, there was a Del's Lemonade stand in that lot. In the plaza to the left of the lot Parente's Barbershop (formerly Mario's Barbershop) is now on the far right end and Mike's Bike's used to be on the far left end with a shoe repair store, owned by Willie (Mario the barber's brother) in one of the stores in between.

    1. Thanks for bringing up some great businesses that used to be in Cranston! Just about everything you mentioned was exactly how it was and I have now included them all above.

  3. My dad owned the Citgo gas station in the late 70s . Is there away to find pictures of that ? Thank you

  4. 762 Park Ave. (I do not know what the number then was) used to be a baseball card shop in the 80s (possibly 70s as well). It used to have a New York Yankee symbol on the door. Also, those shops by the cinema (where the Stage Door was), was another card shop called "The Home Run Shop" in the 80s.

    1. Thanks for the post! That's correct, The Home Run Shop was at 856 Park Ave. from the early 80's for about 20 years. 762 Park Ave. was John D's Hobby Shop in 1970, then became Cranston Hobby Shop and Cranston Gun & Coin from about 1972 into the early 00's (now in North Kingstown). There was also Park Avenue Hobbies at 802 Park Ave. from about 1983 into the 90's.

  5. Wonder if you can answer a question. On West Shore Road in Warwick, a little East of Hoxsie Four Corners, there used to be a business with a sign that had a clock in it. I think it was a real estate or insurance office. I'd be grateful if you could identify this business for me.

    1. If it wasn't Old Stone Bank (now Citizens) at 10 West Shore Rd., which may have had a clock or temperature on the sign, the only Insurance/RE office a little east of Hoxsie Four Corners was Hayden Bentley Insurance at 108 West Shore Rd..

    2. Wow! Thanks so much! Yes, that's exactly where it was. When I was little we used to go past it on our way to Conimicut Point. It had a sign with a clock that mostly told the wrong time, which really impressed me as a child!

  6. Hi Who runs this ? I want to ask them about the address 1647 Broad St in Cranston. My dad owned a Citgo gas station in the 70s there and I am looking for pictures . Thank you

  7. “The Pop Shop” near Hoxie Four Corners in that plaza! They would take the bottles back to refill by the case

  8. Looking for a photo of the sign for the Cranston Drive In, please. 🙂

  9. 1202 Oaklawn was originally Fayva Shoes in one store front and Hit Or Miss in the other store front. I beleive it is all one shop now but it was originally two stores.

  10. Hi! Do you happen to have a photo of the Shamrock Inn? Would love to see it.

  11. Been looking for a photo of Major Video on Atwood Ave for years. Finally found it here. Any more photos of Major Video Atwood Ave?

  12. What was located at 100 soconossett rd. Cranston before citizens bank?

    1. Davol had their manufacturing plant there starting about 1969 until the mid-to-late 90's before Citizens Bank took over most of the building for corporate offices from 2000 until moving to Johnston in 2018.

  13. Where Tasca Ford is located today, the RI State Police Howard Barracks once stood facing Pontiac Ave. I believe that running perpendicular to Pontiac Ave was a multi-bay state highway garage and it shared the same entrance as the State Police barracks.

    1. The RISP Howard Barracks was located at 1306 Pontiac Ave

    2. 1306 Pontiac Ave. is correct! Also, the State Dept. of Automotive Maintenance along with the State Dept. of Transportation were located at 1310 Pontiac Ave.

  14. Does anyone know the name of the candy shop at the corner of Park and Magnolia? Sometime in the 70's. Thanks. Great site. I love it.

  15. Elizabeth Candy Shoppe subsequently moved to 796 Park Ave.

  16. What was the name of bakery in silver lake area in the 70's?

    1. There was Ronci's Bakery (344 Dyer Ave.), Cerilli's (later CeCe's) Bakery (359 Dyer Ave.), Ann's Bakery (196 Pocasset Ave.), and Silver Lake Bakery (218 Pocasset Ave.).

  17. What was the name of the gym where wines and more is on socanassett cross roads..... not planet fitness

  18. Kmart on Elmwood Ave closed November 2001

    1. Thanks for the info and the blog has been updated! That would make sense since the new Kmart just a couple of miles away near the old brewery location opened in that same month.

    2. Went in arcade at like 95 Rolfe and saw pacman,missile command

    3. I haven't been able to find a listing for the arcade, but I believe it was called Animal House and was located in the area you mentioned.

  19. 1776 Plainfield Pike was DiLanna Egg Farms before Walmart.

    1. Thanks for the info and the blog has been updated!

  20. You should add the following:

    - At 480 Atwood Ave., Family Dollar, which opened in 2019, used to be a store called Below Cost.

    - At 200 Phenix Ave., Navigant Credit Union (opened about 2021) used to be a Burger King until it closed in 2017-2018.

    - Stop & Shop opened at 204 Garfield Ave. in late 2001.

    - Burger King opened at 1155 Pontiac Ave. in 2021 where a Webster Bank used to be.

    - Office Max was where Almacs and Office Warehouse used to be. That site is now an LLBean and Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza.

    You should also update the following:

    - At 548 Dyer Ave. where Rite Aid was is now a Dollar General store.

    - At 475 Reservoir Ave., that Speedway is now a Shell Station as of 2021-2022.

    - The Honey Dew Donuts at 548 Reservoir Ave. closed down in 2022.

  21. You should also add these:

    - Lowe's opened on Garfield Ave. in late 2001 or early 2002.

    - At 208 Garfield Ave., now split into CitiTrends and a liquor store, this was an AJWright store, which was converted to a TJMaxx in 2011. Five years later, TJMaxx moved to 20 Chapel View Blvd.

    - Where Pat's Italian Bistro is now at Chapel View was a Johnny Rockets Restaurant until becoming the short-lived Uptown Burger Bar.

    - Dunkin' at 1111 Park Ave. was a Quikava Drive-Thru Coffee Shop until 2004. Before Quikava, if I'm not mistaking, it was a frozen yogurt shop.

    You should also update the following:

    - The former Rite Aid/Walgreens at 1011 Cranston St. is now a Dollar Tree (moved from Garfield Ave.).

    - Cohoes at Garden City Center has been subdivided into Old Navy and Ulta Beauty.

  22. Looking for information on the old A&P warehouse that used to be located on Harris Avenue off of Cranston Street

    1. Harris House apartment complex was converted from an abandoned A & P warehouse at 28 Harris Ave. in 1979. The warehouse was built in 1928 and closed after a fire around the mid 70's. After being built, the warehouse employed about 300 people and a playground was installed in front of the complex with the help of a $500 gift from A & P.

  23. Can anyone tell me anything about Carlin's Pharmacy? It was somewhere on West Shore Road in Conimicut. Do you know what number on West Shore Road it was? And when did it close? Thanks! Great site!

    1. Carlin's Pharmacy was located at 770 West Shore Rd. and then became West Shore Pharmacy at some point between 1952 and 1959.

  24. Can anyone tell me the history of 1669 Cranston st? Most recently knightsville pub. I know the building was built approx 1918. If anyone can share any old pictures of the exterior or interior I would appreciate it.

    1. At least part of the history has been added above.

  25. 822 Park Avenue - which was diagonally across from the old Benny's, and directly across from Crosstown Press - housed my father's and uncle's (Harry Bogosian, Robert Bogosian) sporting goods shop: "The Hockey Den / Park Avenue Sports". Their business was there during the 1970's and up until approximately 1984 or 1985. Hockey great Phil Esposito held a signing there (I have a great and cherished photo of the event).

    Additionally, I remember Bruno Puppets - which also wasn't mentioned in this blog - was one or two doors down, closer to Benny's, and Ricotti's was next door to The Hockey Den; there was also a Jewish deli / market on the same side of the street, toward the Park Theatre. Bruno Puppets later moved up the road to the plaza at Dyer Avenue (Bess Eaton diagonally across now). They had GREAT masks and costumes; it was a mystical shop to explore. Many of the masks at Bruno Puppets were very much life-like, before the age of the silicone masks we see now.

    Thank you so much for publishing this page and blog. It's brought back lots of memories. Cranston was a GREAT place to grow up as a child. Solid, clean, responsible family-oriented neighborhoods at the time, which collectively made it a relatively safe place to live. Thank you to all those who have added much more in these comments. Godspeed!


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